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Tree Care Department

CTSP Accreditation

TCIA’s certified tree care safety professional (CTSP) program is the only safety credentialling program in the industry. We believe by teaching our workers safety strategies and tactics, we are moving in a positive direction in an industry, that despite commendable efforts, must deal with increasing accidents and safety issues.

TCIA Accreditation

Kinnucan Company is happy to announce its TCIA accreditation achievement. This difficult to acquire “Seal of Approval” serves to highlight to our clients that we are recognized as a tree care company which meets the highest standards of excellence set by our professional trade association.

Technical Pruning Specialists

When pruning trees, every cut counts. One bad decision can ruin the shape and health of your trees forever. Our pruning specialists understand the science behind what they are doing. Continuing education is provided to our employees to ensure your trees are in great hands.

International Society of Arboriculture

Kinnucan Company employs ISA certified arborists. An arborist is an individual who specializes in the preservation and care of trees. Arborists are highly trained and very knowledgeable in the science and art of properly taking care of trees. You should never hire an arborist in haste, but rather take time to really see if he or she is completely qualified for a job.

For more information about tree care

For more information about arboriculture and tree care visit the ISA, TCIA and CTSP websites or call our arborists at 847-234-5327.

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Why is tree maintenance important?

Why is tree maintenance important?

Regular tree maintenance not only enhances the beauty of your landscape, it’s also beneficial to the trees themselves. Proper trimming and maintenance help provide your trees with the follow benefits:

  • Promotes the healthy growth of new branches
  • Helps prevent damage and disease from spreading to the rest of the tree
  • Removes harmful insects that often inhabit dead leaves and branches