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New Landscape Manager

We are very pleased to announce our new landscape manager, John Palenske. John has several decades of landscape experience in both maintenance and construction. He has managed an amazing variety of projects during his career from rooftop gardens in the city of Chicago, major lake front landscape projects, to native property restoration projects. He is an avid naturalist who possesses a passion for improving the environment. We are certain you, our clients will find him a pleasure to work with. Thank you all for your support being our great clientele.

Kinnucan Instructed an Arborist Rescue Clinic

Arborist rescue clinic hosted by Kinnucan.

On May 9th and 10th, Norm Hall, our Tree Care Operations Supervisor helped instruct fire & rescue personnel in arborist rescue.  When a fire/rescue team is dispatched to rescue an injured climber aloft, and the fire/rescue team can’t get to the injured climber using their ladder truck, it takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours to get the climber to the ground.  The reason why is because they can’t access the arborist in the tree, using the equipment issued to them.  A very high percentage of their rescues are from the top, where they can tie off to an anchor and lower the rescuer to the patient.  This training familiarized the fire/rescue personnel with arborist throwline and a throw weight to set a rope into the tree, to facilitate a rescue.  A trained arborist can get the climber to the ground in 15-20 minutes.

Arborist rescue methods clinic by Kinnucan.

Fire Service Personnel Trained in Tree Rescue, by Norm Hall

Village of Lake Bluff Lighting Ceremony

Holiday Tree Lighting in Lake Bluff

Kinnucan Tree Experts Landscape Company once again donated the lighting of the Gazebo on December 3, 2016. In addition, Kinnucan was responsible for hanging 30 of these beautiful 4-foot wide green and blue LED spheres. Each sphere holds approximately 1,000 lights! (credit for building the spheres goes to Mr. George Russell)

Kinnucan Stays Ahead of West Nile Virus


Kinnucan recently mailed 25,000 postcards out to neighboring suburbs for their mosquito and tick control programs. These programs are completely safe for children and pets, and are immediately effective. In response to a recent human case of West Nile confirmed in Lake County, Illinois, Kinnucan is trying to stay well ahead of the problem by offering the most affordable and effective applications to its current and potential clientele.

Norm Hall Attends Illinois Arborist Association’s 2016 Summer Conference


Norm Hall, Tree Care Operations supervisor, Certified Arborist and Tree Worker, recently returned from the IAA’s 2016 Summer Conference, held June 23rd – June 24th in Monticello, IL. Norm lead a demonstration “Crane Removals and Comparisons.” This demonstration highlighted the benefits of using a truck-mounted crane to assist in removing trees. There was a “stick boom” crane and a “knuckle boom” crane on site to show the advantages and limitations of each unit. Each crane demonstrated removing both branch and log sections of trees. Cranes can be a great value for removing trees in confined spaces, behind residences, resting on structures (storm damage), or to cut larger sections and land the pieces near the chipper. Using a crane for EAB ash removals will save time, labor and back injuries.

Kinnucan Company Holds On Site CPR Training


Kinnucan Company employees gathered last week for CPR training.  In order to stay TCIA accredited (Tree Care Industry Association), a difficult-to-obtain accreditation, Kinnucan must require its employees to pass CPR training.

Kinnucan Company Sponsors Lake Bluff History Museum’s Antique Auto Show

Last Saturday, June 25th, The Lake Bluff History Museum held its annual Antique Auto Show in downtown Lake Bluff. Over 150 automobiles dating back as far as 80 years lined the streets for a few hours. The Museum’s historic 1931 Lake Bluff Ice Truck was among the many beautiful collectible autos. Kinnucan Company was happy to be a part of this annual community event.

Chainsaw Class

Norm Hall and Robert Kinnucan recently held a chainsaw sharpening class for our tree care employees. Everyone was able to take a turn sharpening a chainsaw. Keeping blades properly sharpened is not only important from an efficiency standpoint, but extremely crucial for maintaining the highest safety standards.


Kris Bockhaut was recently named Vice President of Kinnucan

Kris Bockhaut was recently named Vice President of Kinnucan. She has been with the company for over fifteen years in a management position. Her responsibilities have included Human Resources, Corporate Insurance, Municipal Contracting, Accounting and Financial Functions, Marketing, Corporate Imaging and Branding, Technology Support and Development, as well as General Management Responsibilities. 

Kris Bockhaut picture by Ray Fitzgerald Photography.

In this newly created position, Kris will oversee the strategic direction and operation of Kinnucan. Robert Kinnucan, President of Kinnucan had this to say, “Kris has contributed to our success in so many ways, and we look forward to many more future years together.”